line up

line up

26 Jan 2015

Out with the old, I made some new nightgowns!

 When I got back home in France I discovered unpacking that I owned A LOT of really old clothes! I gave a lot away, and then decided that I should have fancy nightgowns!
I mean, I really had no idea for work clothes (maybe because work is just blah!).

 For the first one I just copied an old favourite. I had the chance to find some really nice fabric at toto soldes for almost nothing.
I chose some synthetic  voile with what I think are some interesting prints.

 Of course the pictures are blurry, maybe it's because of the busy print. Anyway, the pattern was quite quick to make. I made a simple A line "dress", lowered the bust point by 1,5 cm, because no bra. Added some lace and voilà! Of course my V point at the front is not perfect but the other points are quite good, and most important the nightgown is super comfy, and it doesn't wrinkle! 

I always try to keep away from synthetic fabrics, but maybe it's not a good idea, like dartless shirts!! It is such a practical fabric, it is great for travelling, I might make a dress out of that stuff!

The second one has lovely birds and flowers and frilly straps! How girly is that?

I chose a vintage look, with gathers instead of darts. I had no fabric left but if I had I would have added a second row of frills.

I finished the edge with some red bias I had in my stash, I love having a stash!
All in all, the night gowns were fast to sew. Probably because I never muslin, ever. This is the beauty of making your own custom fit pattern. It always fits.It might not always be the shape I had in mind, but when you have a limited amount of sewing time you just have to love your stuff no?

 And now the back, very pretty I find.

 Some self bias, because it always nice and NOT DIFFICULT AT ALL with a fabric that doesn't old any crease!

I would like to make one more for winter and have a splendid dressing gown to go with it. Fortunately I still have some pretty gorgeous looking fabric, unfortunately, I don't know if I have enough time...

 I will not use it for the dressing gown, because I want to do this:

Downton Abbey of course! I haven’t find the fabric yet, it has to be soft, warm and super fancy. Maybe I should have done it first and then made the nightgown.
Ah well, I just followed my inspiration.

That's all for today. It's good to be back in France with all my favourite fabric shops nearby. I will try to post more often, if only it was my job!


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