line up

line up

12 Feb 2013

Phase one : the pants

Dear all, there is a first time for everything, so, for the first time ever, my pants on the internet !

They are straight, more classic you die ! The fabric is a nice piece of wool that holds really well. I have know been wearing those for a couple of hours, and they don't stretch or do anything unexpected, which is nice !

I made the pattern quite fast, also there are many pieces because of the front and back pockets. But it is still very simple to make. You can see a bit of my work below :

The front pockets have a special detail, they slightly peak towards the side of the pants buy one centimetre, but it's enough to be noticed. I find it gives them a nice look, I call it the" banker look", cause you know : it's serious and fancy at the same time, I reckon it certainly would be more noticeable on tighter pants.

I tried a new look for the back pockets : semi velted pockets with a flap, I had to do the first one, two times, the seam reaper was my ally during this step !
This seems to be my operating system, I never quite understand perfectly the first time I try a new sewing technique ! 
First I prepared the fabric to reinforce it, ironed and sewed the different pieces :

Then I fixed them on the right side of the back, at 0,5 cm one from the other, slashed between the stitches, and pulled everything trough the hole onto the wrong side.

 After that, as usual I fixed the two pieces to the rest of the fabric between the gap and the stitches, I found that half a centimetre is a bit small to create the famous  triangle on the small side, will see if it holds..
Anyway, here is the result, it's nice and clean. Let's hope I don't make the same mistakes next time I make one of those...

The rest is pretty what you would expect on a classic pants, front pockets in the side seam, with a lovely detail. I have bought a machine with a gigantic number of stiches, and people keep asking me if I use them, well, yes (sometimes :-)).

Let's not forget the zipper. I always have problems to insert the zipper. I don't know why, it's my sewing fail, I always have to have an other pairs of pants with me to compare and my trusting sewing books (yes, books with an s, this is how big a problem it is for me :-)).

The only thing that bothered me was the waistband, because I copied an other pants zipper, I found myself not following my pattern and I had to attach the interfaced part on the inside of the pants, the result is not as crisp as is should be, and also, I chose to attach the belt loops to the wde boeckaistband before sewing it to the rest of the pants, which is not a terrible idea. It creats bulk, and I had difficulties attaching the waistband to the pants, so don't do it, really... Also  it is one of the way to attach them, next time I will sew them last.

That's it, the girl is pretty happy, now she just needs something to wear with it don't you think ?

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