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20 Feb 2013

The royal collection : kate's fur hat and free pattern!

hello dear readers,

today is the first edition of a segment I call "the royal collection" !

I know, I know, but, were do you find your ideas for sewing? I have to confess this terrible truth : I Kate, look up celebrities on the Internet :-)
And as it happens, Catherine Middleton is approximately my age, high and hair color. It's really easy to find pictures of her in daytime dresses while she is on official representation (I don't wish to spy on any one's personal life). She also lives in a country were the weather is quite similar to the one were I live. But more importantly, I usually like here style.

So there you go, as winter is not finished, here it's still snowing, I decided I needed to rock this cold, and made myself a faux fur hat!

Inspiration below (thanks Kate!):

I bought some very beautiful faux fur at one of my favorite fabric shop, la droguerie.
There you can find liberty fabrics, buttons, knitting supplies and many others enjoyable articles, if you like to sew,knit or make your own jewels!

It's really soft, and it looks like real fur, not like some horrible faux fur from the 90's!
I cut it first with my scissors, but it was sooooo slow, because you have to be careful not to cut to much hair, so I changed my technique, and here is what I did: I used a cutter

Place your hand on the fabric, and gently cut with the tip of your cutter, the fabric is not stiff, so it cuts really easily.

Then, the party of patience begun, even if I was very careful while sewing (I attached the hairs with pins to get them out of the way), I had to spend a bit of time removing the fur from the stitches. I simply used a pin, and when done I cut the excess as close as possible from my stitching line. If you don't like having hair,  floating everywhere around you, even into your mouth, consider you warned!

Then I lined the whole thing,

 just living a small hole to turn it inside out, and finished by a few hand stitches to close the gap and to attach it to the side:

inside the faux fur hat
 And there you go! It fits perfectly and it's really perfect for the snowy days! Man, that's a lot of perfection...

faux fur hat

If I was living in a big city I think I would put a brooch on the front, like a very, very posh girl, I think I saw that in Doctor Jivago. Anyway I'm pretty close don't you think?

Oh, I almost forgot, would you be interested by the free pattern ? 

As you can see on the drawing, the round piece of the hat is a bit below the top of the rectangular band placed around the head, so,after you have sewn the fur together, fold on the folding line, and attach the round seam around the hat to maintain the crease. It's the only complicated part!! Enjoy :-)

Print it in A3 format.

Au revoir, and send me pictures of your own hat!


  1. I love your version of Kate's hat!! I think I might have a go at making it myself, as the British weather has been rather cold of late!!

    1. Thanks!
      I made it just after Christmas and I wear it quite often, the weather is colder in Germany than in Brittany. Wearing hats is the only thing I like about winter!