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line up

24 Apr 2013

The little black jacket, done !

Yes! It's finally done! This jacket seemed to have no end, maybe because I tried to make it between two travels!
Anyway, I like it, it fits well, and I might even have a chance to wear it in the following weeks, the weather is so hectic, in the same week I can wear shorts and the day after a wool sweater, go figure...

gnaa, happy!
Here it is: four pockets, trim (not everywhere :-), fancy buttons. Yeah, in my mind it really looks like a Chanel jacket.
I used the video realised buy Chanel that I put in my previous post to figure out the details of construction.

They don't use fancy techniques, I have to admit this is what attracted me first. It is not a hard jacket to make, I made one big mistake though: this kind of fabric is very strechy. Big fail below!!
The first picture is a pocket before sewing, and the second after :-(
Epic fail haha!

Fortunaltely the solution is simple, just lower the tension of the thread, and you should be fine.
I also had a BIG problem with the shoulders, they were many centimeters too long because I didn't used interfusible on them, I thought it was only used to give structure to the jacket, and I was so wrong. It prevents the fabric from stretching, my advise is to put some everywhere there is a seam, it is really infuriating to pick out seams and cutting the fabric again while you have already begun assembling your garment.

I attached the lining to the jacket buy hand, it was OK until my sewing book told me to attach the lining of the sleeve to the rest of the lining buy hand, while I had attached all the others parts together on my machine. What?? Why?? I did it because I like my book and it is usually right, but I don't like to do something when I don't understand why, anyone has an answer? 

I also had to sew the button holes by hand! My machine couldn't manage the fabric, maybe it was a little bit too thick, or maybe it needs to go to the store. Anyway, took me a bit of time, this is how I begun to look at project runway!! This show really makes me want to sew and just sit and watch at the same time! And also: what's with the attitude? Some people really need to take a humbling  pill!

For the trimmings I couldn't find something I liked is the store so I did it myself using sailor's knot (because I'm from Brittany) that I found on this site, it was really funny to make:
I basically removed all treads from the fabric, assembled them together by colors to make longer treads and then plaited them.

self made trimming
I'm just a bit embarrassed, that I didn't have enough to put everywhere, but I might be able to buy some more fabric in two months, then I'll make some more.

See, no fancy trimmings on the writs, this is what you get when you're too cheap when you buy fabric! No one will notice but you :-)

Soooo, tell me, who looks like she earns the big bucks in her fancy Chanel jacket?

I have some white tweed  in my stach, I'm seriously thinking about making another one, whith some slight ajustments to the pattern.

But at the same time: spring!! I have ideas for two dresses ,one inspired buy a dress I saw at the Victoria and Albert museum in London (maybe my favourite museum so far, and I have visited a few), and the other one should have a bra top, very sexy, very Dolce Gabbana!
For the moment I am trying to master the art of pattern drafting for lingerie, man, this is not easy, and I haven't try to sew a bra yet...


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