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2 May 2013

Project underwear!

Please someone help me!!
I am addicted to project runway, I really am. I cannot stop thinking about it. I imagine what I would do if I wear a contestant (probably cry after 4 days with not much to sleep!).
How creative are this people! And also, can you believe the wonky seems they sometimes produce? It makes me so happy to see experienced people like them fail at basic sewing, hihi, I know, I'm horrible.

Anyway, it seems that some of them have not tackled yet all the challenges offered buy the sewing and pattern making world. Many of them really don't have a clue about men's wear, underwear or French seams (that one is unforgivable).

One may ask: and what about you, you horrible judgmental seamstress?
Well, let's just says this:


I looove making underwear, it's so fast and easy, provided you have all the little bits and pieces required. I have made those in a few hours. Of course the pattern of the bra took some time to make, and it's my first, so perfection is not there yet, but it will come... I hope.
Most important it fits. The cups of the bra are the most delicate, you really have to give them a nice form, my first attempt ended a bit like that :

Pointy, pointy
It was not really the effect I wanted. But it' easily rectifiable.
I made the pattern for the bra with become a pattern drafter, women's underwear, from ESMOD editions. The explanations can be challenging sometimes, but I guess it's because the book is supposed to be used in class with a teacher who fills in the blank. The drawing in the book have names for the different lines of the pattern, like a,b,c,d... So, I have my finished block, I turn the page to transform it into a push up, and I don't see my a,b,c and d!!! It is full of k, g and h!! And I am supposed to have put the pieces of the cups together but it is not explained how. If you have the same problem, don't worry, they just changed the names: c becomes b, h3 becomes ff' etc.
I added some very small elastic to the cup, I felt I needed to do something to have the lace properly laying on the skin. This worked all right.

I also lined it , but realized afterwards that you should line with a non stretch fabric :-) But it's all right, I have worn it already, and it very confy!

I made a matching tanga.

I used the pattern I made with my other book: "la technique de la coupe" by line Jaque. I prefer her technique. Remember when I tried to make panties for the first time? Well I find that the Esmod looks are quite dated, a bit like that:

There is no hip line and I don't felt at ease working with it. 
My lace is 16 cm wide. I decided to use it entirely. Next time I think I will try to make a smaller hip band.I ruffled it a bit, it gives it a V shape, do you know the "butt puckered"? Well that's it!

I had panties and a brad next to me the whole time to figure out how to sew the elastics .
I was very happy with my machine, she made nice elastic seams, it's probably the only thing she sews correctly nowadays. I couldn't get her to make buttonholes for my Chanel jacket, and I thought it was because of the bizarre elastic, bulky fabric. Turns out it's all fabrics!! And let's not talk about the embroided stitches, what a mess!! Back to the shop missy!!

As a final touch, I cut out some flowers out of my lace and sewed them on. It's so much cutter and hum, hum it sort of hides one thing I messed up a bit! But I'm not showing you because now, no one can see it!!

What do you think? My opinion, is it's fun easy and really quick to make. underwear making is really a winner!!
Next time I'll make some bating suits. I used to buy some at Victoria's secret, but I find it so cool to just make my own version, or completely copy, just cause I can!
What about you? Do you sometimes make you own underwear?

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