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line up

18 Sep 2013

buttons, buttons!

Hi everyone!

I said in my previous post that I would talk to you about making swimsuits, BUT IT'S FREAKING COLD OUT HERE!!!
I just cannot bring myself to making a new one or photographing the ones I made this summer. Winter is coming friends, and in Kaiserslautern it seems like it's already here...

So I decided that instead I would make a quick post about the new mission I am invested in: building my stash!!!
I am soooooo into this new occupation. But hey don't judge me, I am just copying what others do! And also, I need it.

After Caroline wrote about hers, I knew that I needed to create my own. I mean, if you don't leave next to your fabric shop like I did (sight...), it means you have to buy in bulks, fabric, notions, everything, if you don't want to waste your precious sewing time going out for a stupid zipper or buttons!

This is why I begun buying buttons, lots of them.
I am super lucky to spend my holidays in the small island of Groix, witch beside being beautiful has an haberdashery. And this is really super lucky because the Island is just 4km X 8!
It's called la petite fabrique, they sell clothes that they make, AND most important, they have an important collection of vintage buttons, zippers, elastics, and more that I am not even aware of, because there are things everywhere in this shop. I love it!

 This is what I bought last year.

 I also have them in navy!

 pearls I used is this project and in this one too.

Aren't those bicycles splendides?

 Soo beautiful no?

They are so beautiful and shiny! This is why I couldn't leave the island this summer without buying some new one. Because they are vintage, if I don't buy them and someone else does, then they are gone forever. See, I HAVE to buy them.

This year selection is more varied, I tried to pick out colours I like and use. It's not easy to select the buttons before the fabric. But I had no other choice.
I knew I would certainely want to make shirts or blouses. This is why I picked some small ones. And the big ones are for a coat I will try to make, and because, well, they're just soooo nice!!

More eye candy?

 Look at that! And did I tell you they are not expensive????

Cheers everybody, and buy button, lots of them, it's good for you!!

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