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10 Sep 2013

The endless summer

Hello everyone,

I'm back! 
Wow! I don't know what to begin with. I loooved my vacations! Two months in my dear Brittany with so much sun I think that I have never been so tanned! Here is a little collage of what my holidays looked like:

I have to warn you dear readers, I have done almost no sewing at all... Shocking no? It has been the sunnier summer in many many years, and I spend all of my time bathing in the warm ocean.

Here are a few pictures of some of the lovely houses you can find on the island of Groix where I hid myself for two months! Some of them have been build by Italian masons in the 40's, witch explain their colourful front and delicate ornaments.

I took those pictures during one of the few days of grey weather. I wish I had taken more, but there are really so many cute houses, that it would have taken me quite some time, and come on, I'd rather go to the beach than take pictures in the heat! But I did tink of you, look pictures of my main occupation:


This is the very big " les grands sables "

les sables rouges
There are many more small beaches around the island, but those are my favorites.
It is rather a small island. Only 8 km by 4! But men, is it beautiful, and peaceful.


If you don't like the beach, you can walk around and inside the island, between fields or across charming villages. This is what I do when I'm up there in winter.

I wore shorts and bikinis almost every day. So I made a few of them that I will show you in a future post.
I also stopped in the city to buy "some" fabric, and by that I mean A LOT of it. The saleswomen even talk me into not buying any more... Shame! But she was right, I'll be back there for a few days in November and back then there will be a lot more choice of fabric for winter.

A few more pics?
The lovely city of Vannes:

The church at my grand parents village: Locquénolé

This is it for today. I promise I will soon show you my little production of this summer. Now that I have internet again, and I'm back in the crappy weather of Germany I have no excuse. I'm so bad with Germany, I know! But come on, where is the sun, I am freezing since I got back. Give me back some sun, I want to make some more bikinis!!

Anyway, I hope you also had crazy sun this summer for those of you in the northern hemisphere. And to keep you on your toes here is a teaser for you:

Cheers everyone!

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