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19 Dec 2013

Underwear: the comeback!

Bonjour tout le monde !

As I told you in my previous post  I made a few things in the previous months to improve my wardrobe. They had to be quick to make, because I had a only a few days here and there to sew.
So I decided after staring at my fabric pile to make camies, more precisely a cami.

I made the blue one this summer, to be worn as a light top. It's very pretty with my white shorts. And then, I reused the pattern, witch is very rare for me. I don't know why but I always want to make something I have never done before.

You know I always use my pattern making books  by Line Jaque. But it's a bit dated. She does explain how to make slips an therefore camies, but she uses zipper on them! It makes sense for people who didn't have access to elastic fabrics. There is actually no chapter on how to make a pattern out of this kind of fabric (note to self: find a book who does :-))
So I just took my basic block, omitted the dart at the waist for both front and back, took on the side a bit, so that it wouldn't be too large, but large enough not to use a zipper. And it worked, Yeah!

I the made another one a few weeks ago. I bought the fabric because it was pretty, and because I thought I could make a shirt out of it. But it's better this way (and I still have some left, so more camies for me!).
I mean, the fabric is nice, it's a bit shiny and very soft, but you can see it's not silk, and since I want my clothes to look fancy, I prefer reserving synthetic to my underwear or summer stuff. Don't ask why, I have principals :-).

I made self bias for the neckline, and I even made the effort to make the inside stitching by hand cause you know: lingerie=luxe=stupid hand sewing. And also I'm not a fan of visible stitches.

But then I had enough of making tiny bias, so I searched in my ribbon stash for something to make the straps of and I found some black and some baby pink. Perfect. I had a little hand shake with myself to thanks me for this oh so appropriate purchase.
I played a bit with it and came up with the lovely pink bows and double strap thinggy. And then added the black bow in the centre because it's nice.

It horrifies my mother that I show my underwear on the Internet but hey: I AM NOT IN THEM!
It's so much fun making panties, or tangas or whatever! Why shouldn't I show them to you and encourage you to do the same?

I bought some lace this summer at my favourite haberdashery (I am so lucky that we have one on our tiny island). Just 1 euro total for a bit less than two meters.

For the pattern, I just wrapped the lace around me at the place were I wanted it to be, and used a block pattern for thongs that I had previously made for my first panties. It reminded me how the patterns in the ESMOD book I use for underwear are so eighties! You know with the sides of your thong almost up to your  waist, hilarious, and also bleuh!

That's it for today. I have been sewing for kids lately, making Barbie outfits and costumes. It's a nice change as I don't really need any new clothes right now.

Come on Barbie! Rock this stylish/wife of mafia boss outfit!

Au revoir tout le monde.

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