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line up

4 Jan 2014

2013: busy or lazy?

Happy new year everyone!

I thought it would be funny to make a final round-up of 2013. I have never counted the number of clothes I make in a year, and I really like reading about other people achievements. So here we go ! 
Have I been super productive or lazy in 2013 ?

11 garment for Winter, mostly tops, only 1 dress and 1 skirt (I added some I didn't have time to blogg about).
The hat is your favourite of all of my post, maybe because I gave the pattern to make it. You doesn't love free patterns?
As I am not currently working I find myself in need of very few garments. And also last winter was really cold here so dresses were not really needed.

Oh yay!!! Summer! I miss you dear warm sun.
12 garments. Hum, knowing that summer only lasted 2 months, I should revise my plans for this year, and sew more for winter.
But there is a bias here: summer clothes are faster to make, no sleeves, no long stitches. And funnier shapes. I am guilty, I really prefer sewing clothes for summer, what can I do?
I made two bathing suits that fit properly and were worn almost every day. 

For the first time I made underwear and I really enjoyed it. I am still tweaking the pattern for the bottom, but the last tangas I made were OK.
I have not made a lot of bra, but I plan on making a dress with a nice bra top. 
And of course my trusted camies. They are really useful, if I had some silk on hand I would totally make some out of it! So chic!

Most worn piece: 
I said when I made them, that white shorts were a basic in my summer wardrobe and it was true. Those are made of stretchy fabric and don't have any sort of closure. 

Most controversial:
This ensemble is really funny and eye catching! I am thinking of making the key hole a bit bigger. And yes, I did wear it in front of people.

Summer colours:

White is THE base of my summer wardrobe, always. I use more and more fabrics with flowers but still no geometric prints.

 Winter colours:

It seems that purple is the dominant colour here. It's funny, I kind of noticed it already, because, well I wear the clothes I make! But now it seems a bit silly. I should try something new no?
A total of 30 pieces, not counting the ones I made for my friend's babies and my niece and nephew (mostly because I forgot to take pictures:-)), and those I forgot about!

Looking back on what I made is a fun exercise. 
I didn't make an excessive amount of garments, but I don't really need that much clothes. I need a purpose to make clothes: for the beach, cycling, for work, for gardening, weddings... But what can you make when you don't do this things anymore? I would almost miss work, almost.

I didn't have a really busy year, and yes I have been a little lazy. I bought some fabric to make my husband clothes, but did nothing with it, hihi.  
Being away from a decent fabric store, forced me to change my creative process in a way I don't like, so, that's an excuse.

But hey, I still appreciate my stash! I had also the good idea to stack notions witch made my sewing life easier. 

In conclusion I think that what I enjoyed doing the most  this year, is the bathing suits. I had so much fun doing them and wearing them, I will certainly make some more this year, because guess what? I have what I need in my stash!!

A bientôt.

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