line up

line up

15 Jan 2014

New year, new beginnings

Bonjour tout le monde!

Last November when I went back to France, I did a tour of my favourite shops to gather some ideas.
One thing I noticed, and liked, was strass. Yes, strass on clothes!
So I bought some back home, and finally made a DRESS!!!

I bought the strasses (?) at La Droguerie, it was really fun to make. I have already washed the dress and they hold perfectly. 
I love this shop, you can find there everything you need to make jewels, ribbons, buttons, you name it, this shop is a dream. I MISS YOU!

Here is an image of the pattern I made:

The dress was intended for the holidays, to have something pretty and warm to wear.

As you can notice the shape is pretty loose in the front, I have two darts in the back because I don't like to look like I'm wearing a bag.

I thought it could be also a good garment for when I go back to work. I tried to balance the large shape by making it a short dress.

I added two pockets on the front, I love having pockets in my dresses.

The fabric is a nice wool, purple... I know, again purple. I suppose I got a little obsessed by this colour this winter. The dress is lined except for the arms.

The dress looks really good when I move, yes, yes, trust me!

I thought that the zipper would make the dress look more current. It is this year's goal, I am trying to be more on the trend. Not because I want to be trendy. But because I happen to like this year trends. It's also nice to have some guideline to my creativity.

Oh, another great advantage to this kind of shape: you can eat and eat and no one will see it! It's the perfect Holidays dress. I can tell you that I didn't deprive myself from cake. And no one could tell!! Yeah!!

Still tying to make up for all I have made lately and had no time to blogg about. What a life :-)

A bientôt.

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