line up

line up

31 Mar 2014

one pattern, three pants, the last one.

I thought I needed some pants to go to London. Turned out I didn't, but this is another story!
As you know, I sew from my stash. I didn't really have a lot of fabric left for winter, so I went for some plaid. 

The pattern is the same that of my Chanel pants. But this time I didn't make any alteration to the original.

my original sailor's pants
Same length, same back welted pocket, 

welted pocket
same sailor's pants look.

plaid sailor's pants
It's really interesting to use the same pattern with different fabrics. The green fabric is rather sturdy, so the pants really have a sharp clean look. But that plaid one is different. It's all synthetic so I had to line it to be able to wear my pants in cold weather. The feeling is different, the legs don't behave the same way as in the green one. They don't fall straight, I think I'll have to iron them strongly.


I used a new technique for me: underlining. Basically, you cut your pattern two times, first in your fashion fabric, second in lining and then you work with the two fabrics are if they were one. I think this is a fast method of sewing, but I don't really fancy the result. It is clean but it's not as nice a when you line a garment. I like when the stitching is hidden.

But I was in a hurry, so I chose to underline. You could say that if I was in a hurry I shouldn't have chosen a plaid fabric :-)

aligning stripes
I don't know what's with me and sewing in a hurry, but it's clearly not a good mix!
I managed to line correctly the fabric, and then I realised that maybe I had cut the fabric in the wrong way...
Can you see the black stripe? Should I have put it, because it's strong, horizontally?? I am baffled. I have found explanations on how to cut and align plaid all the way trough the pattern, but no explanation on how to make it look nice!
Look at the side:

Horizontally it matches, but clearly something is off. Look at the hip, see how the black stripe finishes its course in the stitching line in a strange way? I makes me wonder...
I think it stresses that when dealing with plaid, you should really have a lot of fabric to be able to play with it and find a appealing way of aligning all this mess.

BUT, all plaids are different right? So,  maybe the smaller the pattern, the smaller the plaid we should use, don't you think? 

Maybe this was my problem, the plaid print was a bit to big. But, I don't really mind too much. You got to love your stuff right? Especially when you make it. I mean, it's comfortable, it's original, I like them. 

Oh, look:

Fancy buttons! Can I say it again? I love my stash!! Gold and blue, it adds a fancy note to the pants, and I'm always happy to know that I wear something that comes from my dear island.

Well, winter related post are almost over. Next my coat and then it's going to be all fun colours and no more plaid!!

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