line up

line up

8 Mar 2014

Again in London?

Bonjour tout  le monde!

I have been busy those last few week preparing a trip to London and being there! It's why I didn't post anything . But I sure did some work.

I love London, the buildings, the museums, the shops, and all that Britishness. I just can't get enough of it.
As you can see I went where all seamstress should:
-Savile row where I got to see Patrick Grant, one of the Great British sewing bee judge and owner of Norton and Sons one of the tailor shop on Savile row (and by seeing, I mean he was siting at his desk and I was on the street lurking inside to see people sewing!),
-and at the Liberty store. You know how much I love their fabrics. And the shop is really beautiful. It's Arts and Crafts decorated, and yes, you can buy all of their fabric, but no, I didn't buy any. I don't need any at the moment, I'll buy some when I'll be back in France.

I did made some garments for the trip, and ended up by taking none of them!! After all, I didn't really need new clothes. I am waiting for my photographer to be free and I will do a special London  non-used clothes!


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