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25 Feb 2016

A Downton Abbey inspired blouse

As you know, I am a fervent watcher of Downton Abbey. Of course the beautiful fashion is one of the things that attracts me most. And Quite often I found myself thinking: "oh, what a beautiful coat, or dress? How could I make something quite similar but, who would not appear too dated or costumy?"


My inspiration was this very simple, yet elegant top. I wanted a similar collar and shape.
And I really don't know why, but I really wanted it to be in that fabric. Two metres of viscose for 12 euros, I really love Toto soldes!

Here is what I came up with:

 Ok, so I don't why I look soooo weird in all the pictures, but that's all I got, so sorry, not sorry, my camera guy is the one to blame, not my poor face...

Back to the sewing part. I made a princess seam pattern. You can see it in the front photos: the lace follows the seam.

 I also used princess seams at the back, but it is completely lost in the pattern of the fabric. No lace at the back because the blouse is for winter, it is worn with a cardigan, so no one would see it, and I was not sure it would be comfortable against a chair.

I am still in the process of finding the perfect shape of sleeve. It's getting there. This top actually feels quite comfy. The arm reach is good, no restriction there. But the cap of the sleeve too high. There are a few puckers at the shoulder seam. But you can't see it because of all the beautiful flowers hehe.

 Ha, a close up. I am so proud of my pretty collar, it's exactly the same as Cora's. 
I like to have standing collars in my winter blouses. I think it's nice with a cardigan. But sometimes it bothers me, because there are not so many shapes of standing collars. Maybe I should try to experiment with colours.


The lace is attached only on one side at the front, it's easier to contour the shape of the bust.

 At the wrist and at the bottom of the blouse, I created a seam, so that you can see through the lace. In all honesty, I find that my blouse is not as chic as Cora's. If it was in the show, I am pretty sure, that Daisy would wear it! But don't get me wrong, I really like it.

I did a very simple opening at the back. The middle back seam stops at approximately 13 centimetres from the the neckline. The fabric is just folded, pressed and then stitched. And it is closed with a covered button and a small loop of fabric.  The inside is really neat, all the other seams are French seams.

 And guess who would really like my blouse?

Oh yeah! Haha! See what she was wearing just last week?

And  now, because I know you really love those, a blurry picture!

 That's it for today. I am actually still sewing a few different shirts. I am trying to have a bunch of patterns that fit perfectly with an attractive design.  So that I can use them again and again. And also try to get rid of a few UFOS and resizing a few dresses and skirts. There are not enough hours in one day!


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