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line up

12 Feb 2016

Fred models the polar vest

There, I have done it, I said that this year I would sew for someone else than myself, and look:


I am amazed at two things: that he agreed to be photographed, and that he is really good at modelling, don't you think?
Back to sewing. Polar is really fun to sew with, and quick! When you don't have to finish you seams, construction is REALLY fast. I even ended by enlarging my stitches because the normal length (2.5) was completely despairing in the fabric, and I wanted to sew even faster.

I used Burda young 7734 view B but changed it a little: instead of making the kangaroo pockets I sewed two large pockets inside that he can access trough an opening in the side seam. I thought that as the fabric itself was double layered, adding a visible pocket on top, would make his stomach seam bulky. I might have been wrong. And I also drafted a larger collar. Anyway, it's fine, he's happy, so I am too.

Of course without the pockets the pattern seamed a bit plain. So I added topstitching to imitate princess seams at the front and the back. I think it turn out to be a good idea, it gives a little bit of interest an definition.

 Next I think I will try to make him a shirt, but I will make him a made to measure one. He is not a standard size (he doesn't like when I say that hehe) and I think it's time I spend some of my knowledge, building a few block patterns for him, than buying commercial ones that never ever fit him right. Plus I like designing patterns.
That's it for today. I am currently making shirts for myself because you know : shirts are awesome !! 

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