line up

line up

8 May 2013

The not so black little jacket and holiday break

Hi everyone!

just a heads up to say that I will probably not be able to post anything for a month I think.
Want to know what I'll be doing all this time?

patisseries de Taman Café (ORANGE,FR84)

Oh, yeah!!! Patisseries, Easter chocolates, I'm going back to France for a few days and I intend to eat as much of this babies as possible!!

And then well,

 And after that:

Do you know Beatrix Potter's stories? This is where she lived.

On the subject of the little black jacket, it's going on nicely but slowly,

I have begun to attach the lining, I will have to do quite a lot of hand stitching, I might put to use my time in the train (more than 6 hours!). I put the pockets and a bit of my hand made trimmings to give you an idea of the final result. What got into me, when I decided I would be the next queen of Chanel's trimmings?

I have a lot of things to says on this jacket, can't wait to tell you everything I learned (and failed of course :-)).

Have a good time everyone, summer sewing is coming along, we should discuss that when I come back!


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