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line up

14 May 2013

Fabric shopping

Dear readers, bless the Stoffmarkt Holland market !

No I didn't take this picture, for the simple reason that I totally forgot my camera... I'm such a lousy blogger, I know. But hey, that was a "me day", and I only thought of bringing money, a list of things to buy, bags to carry my precious, and my husband to be my slave of course.

I was overwhelmed! "fabric, cheap, must buy everything!!"

I arrived there by 11, the place was completely packed. Women everywhere, pulling fabric from piles. I could barely see what was on display, but then by the time I had walked around a little to have an exact idea of what I was dealing with, people begun to leave for lunch, and it was PARADISE.

Knits, printed cotton, this is what you will find the most. Merchants are specialised. You can choose by price. Some booths only sell fabric at 2, 5 or 10 €/m, some of them are a bit more expensive, but not that much. 

This is what I bought:

Those are simple fabrics, it's not a fancy fabric market, but it's enough for what I do.


I got a little bit carried away by the navy print. I'm Briton and it's really a basic in our wardrobe. But not in Germany apparently. There was a big pile of those in different colours, but no one touched them! Unbelievable! It got buried under other fabrics, but I came to the rescue, and it felt so weird, in Brittany, this pile of fabric would have disappeared the minute it would have been put on display! And now I think I should have bought more :D

Your eyes don't fool you, It's the same colour, but the stripes have a different size. Don't judge, I'm away from home, I will buy everything I can find here, that reminds me of Brittany.

Lining for my summer dresses. It's a nice soft and light cotton, I took 3m.


It wasn't planned, but I thought I could make myself some mini dresses or whatever, it was 2,50€/m, how could I resist ?

drapey fabrics:

I thought I could make myself some sexy soft tops for those beautiful summer days I'm sooo longing for.

Thick cotton:

For shorts and pants, goes with everything.


Bias, bias and some more bias. Can't find any where I live. I picked some in satin, mostly in white. And a selection of various colours I like. My head was so completely empty because of the choice of fabric and the crowd, that I couldn’t remember what fabrics I had in my my stash to match the colours. All in all I think I did well!

If you're like me and you are starving for fabric in your corner of Germany go to stoffmarkt holland, it's every week end in a different city. It's really worth the trip. You can also find there leather, fabric for your house or for quilting. Paradise I tell you. 
Be aware if you are utterly deprived from fabric shopping, that this experience can be dangerous, I had to fight against people cheating in lines an I also smashed  a charming lady on her forehead! I was diving for the floral knit under a big pile, but only had  one hand free, and I pulled too hard... She didn't seemed to mind, she must have done the same to someone else!

I am currently washing everything and I begun a little summer dress that I will line with my soft cotton. What a bliss. There is only one thing missing: the sun!

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