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line up

14 Feb 2014

vive les couleurs !

 Bonjour tout le monde,

in the spirit of my new year's sewing resolution, I made yet again another top. But this one is not purple! 

The colour is a bit bold isn't it? Looking at it on picture, I realise I colour-blocked it! How did this not occurred to me while doing it?? My my, I don't know if I should ever go back to work with this empty head of mine.

Anyway, I think I took the idea of the colour back in November when I window shopped for ideas, but I really don't remember where. Any idea anyone?
What I know, is that I got inspired by a blouse worn by Shirley in Community:

It's beautiful no? At first I wanted to have some gold as well, but after trying it on the mannequin I decided it would look completely costumy, princess of space costumy even :-)

It's so awful it makes me laugh!
Side note, I really want to do something with this lamé but it seems to have a very vulgar vibe...

Here is my pattern, minus the collar who is just a very simple officer collar, do you say that in English? The correct term in French is: col officier.
I think it differs from a Mao collar just by the round form of the tip.
I decided to make the side and middle back seams with a French seam. Witch turned out nice, but caused a problem when I realised I had to give in a little space. 

See the line at the arm's seam? It's taring because I was trying to change the shape of my arm hole and removed to much cm in the back. 
On the good side, this top allowed me (trough my mistakes), to correct my basic pattern. I think that I finally have the perfect sleeve and arm hole!! This is a big deal for me, I have struggled with those problems for a long time.

The fabric is so soft, in France we call it "peau de pêche", literally peach skin, is it the same in English?

I have noticed on TV that the dart on this sort of top are usually placed more to the side, mine just go trough the bust point. It's how my book says to make them, I suppose it is a bit old fashioned. As is my book probably, it talks about sheath!

I made the pants two years ago with a nice stretch wool, I wish I could find the same fabric in other colours, it is so perfect for making and wearing warm slim pants.

I was really not in a smiling mood that day, my excuse is that it was only 7 degrees outside. But hey, I don't complain, it's warm enough that I can pose outside. Usually the weather is much colder in Germany at this time of the year, but with all the storms coming from the Atlantic, no need of my fur hat this year!

Oh, look! Is it Spring I see coming? 
Noooo, my dear husband reminded me that in Germany it can snow until April! April?? Are you crazy? I don't have enough fabric to keep on making winter outfits, and you know what? I don't want to!!
But I know I have to listen to reason, and make clothes according to the weather.
I think I might even make a coat, that idea really pleases me. And it might not even be purpule (or maybe just a bit:-))!

A bientôt !

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